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We are Lina and George, married since 1993. We have three children Konstantinos, Katerina and Rania.

We are Skopelitans in origin and we delighted to have grown up and live on our beautiful island.

This love and respect for our island of Skopelos, an island of Authentic character, beauty and warmth , has influenced us most so that in 2005 when we decided to invest in our island by building our country homes on our land to try to make a place absolutely perfect, respecting the natural environment and the architecture of our place. A friendly environment where simplicity will meet luxury.

We tried to create these 4 holiday homes to have character and personality and especially the warmth of our homes to turn your stay into an unforgettable experience. 

Our surname " Kohilis " , which refers to the Greek word " Kohili " that means " Shell " , gave the name to our homes.

You are invited to come and discover our beautiful island, our homes and our hospitality.


Yours sincerely 

Lina, Giorgos , Konstnatinos , Katerina and Rania

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